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We sit down with the 10 contestants who are going to go head to head at Pinball Wizard for Mix Us Happy 2019 in Singapore.

Here's our interview with DJ MAKESHIFT


ADM: How do you feel learning from MUH?

MKS: I feel honoured to be part of the team and to be able to learn from the great teachers from MUH!

ADM: What can we expect in the finals?

MKS: I am planning on a more wide range of genres of music and a few surprises as well.

ADM: What do you feel now about DJing

MKS: I feel privileged to be able to learn DJing from great teachers as well as to learn to lead the crowd, be more daring to step out of our comfort zones and overcome our fears as well as learning more about the in-depth of music production/DJing.


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