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Mix Us Happy Guam 2019 Begins!

Starting in Singapore in 2015, Mix Us Happy has since reached a total of 5 countries now with the latest edition held in the beautiful island of Guam! Class is in session as contestants are now gearing up for their finals to be held on the 28th of June!

Be sure to keep up with their progress by following AltrXEgo on their Instagram!

Here's what Ben Schiff, CEO of AltrXEgo had to say about bringing the program to Guam, "One of the reasons why we decided to bring the program to Guam was that there hasn't been a program or a school like Mix Us Happy that provides opportunities like this for our islanders or community. A lot of times for people aspiring to DJ on Guam they have to heavily invest their own resources before they can even start, when I found out that there was a program that allows contestants to learn for free, it sparked something in my head that made me realise that it could really change someone's life.

I heard a statement from Mix Us Happy that says "Never Underestimate Your Ability To DJ" and "Bringing Out A Side Of You, You Never Knew Existed" and that really hit home with me and the AltrXEgo Team.

We try to do the same thing, where we hope to change lives through new experiences.

We believe that through running this program, we'll be able to provide people on Guam with the platform and resources to expose themselves internationally.

Most times Guam is easily looked over due to our size but to have the chance to give back to our community and the chance to help someone realise their DJ dreams and possibly turn it into a career is something we wanted to do.

I'm really excited to see where Mix Us Happy Guam will go."

Below is a Recap Video of Mix Us Happy Guam's first week!


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