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Having over a decade of experience and one of Nepal's most celebrated DJs, DJ AN is not just another DJ, he's one of the people behind the Mix Us Happy experience in Kathmandu.

We sit with him talk to him about his experience as a DJ and his experience promoting this global program in Nepal.


ADM: How did you start DJing?

AN: I was in 9th Grade, I skipped school to go or a daytime party that started at 6am to 11 am. I loved it there and the remixes were amazing. I kept looking at the DJ and I knew that was what I wanted to do. This was back in 2009.

ADM: As the Head Instructor for Mix Us Happy Nepal what do you think about the program?

AN: Everyone loves the program and we're getting a lot of support from the industry partners and the general populace. It gives us the chance to share our skills and knowledge with the new DJs. With the way our curriculum is run, it makes DJing a lot more accessible and easy for people to learn.

ADM: What would you say is the future of music in Nepal's dance scene?

AN: Music is changing very quickly in Nepal especially in the dance clubs. Back in the day, we had a lot of people who enjoyed Moombathon and Reggaeton, these days there's more variety in clubs like Psytrance and Trap. Every season music is changing and our dance club culture is starting to change along with global trends as well.

ADM: Are there a few Nepalese Producers that people should check out?

AN: You can check out my stuff! My YouTube has a lot of remixes and you can see a little of what we play in clubs through my SoundCloud and YouTube. Another you can check out is Ashal, he's a pretty good producer that's up and coming.



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