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We sit down with the 10 contestants who are going to go head to head at Pinball Wizard for Mix Us Happy 2019 in Singapore.

Here's our interview with DJ WONGKY


ADM: How do you feel learning from MUH?

WKY: MUH is a great platform for anyone and I feel it’s one of the best platforms, the exposure and opportunities and guidance are endless

ADM: What can we expect in the finals?

WKY: Hmm future bass, trap with a bit of nostalgia/pop maybe

ADM: What do you feel now about DJing?

WKY: I didn’t think I would love DJing that much. To be honest I thought it will be stressful and not going to lie it can be stressful but being able to play and see people’s reaction is really priceless and makes it all worth it. Not to forget the friends you make along the way.



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