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The Music Hunter's Guide to It's The Ship 2019

With only a few days left to It's The Ship 2019, here's our list of DJs that you definitely need to check out!

1. K-Faith

One of Singapore's Top Hip Hop DJs is making his way onto It's The Ship this year. Being the young leader of Empire Collective, K-Faith has earned his chops by winning the IAMDJHUNT Competition in Singapore in 2019 and has played with top Hip-Hop acts such as Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja.


With this being his 4th year on It's The Ship, KAKU is no stranger to getting your groove on and breaking necks. This talented producer and DJ has performed around the world with Ultra Music Festival and has discovered a larger number of extremely talented producers and DJs from Asia, pushing them out into glory. KAKU is an experience not to be missed.

3. Don't Die Before, EKO, ONI-WAN

The combined might of the Lion City, The Marianas and The Land Of Smiles is going to blow your mind away. Coming together under the Altrxego Banner for The Islands Stage, Don't Die Before, Eko, and Oni-Wan are the unholy combination of the best in Trap and Bass that's bound to make your body ache.

| Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Don't Die Before

| Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Oni-WAn

4. Zushan

A driving force for music in Singapore, Zushan is a Pioneer DJ Champion with a twist. Bringing in the best sounds of the future with the best grooves of the past, Zushan is your favourite DJ that you've yet to hear if you haven't heard him yet.

5. Double Noize

It's The Ship's Deck Selecta competition is an amazing indicator for what's to come for the future of music in Asia. This year's winner is Vietnamese Duo Double Noize, bringing you the best music from Vietnam, Double Noize will open your eyes to the oriental fusion of bass and music from their homeland.

6. Theo Gobesen

A leading name in Hardstyle from Asia, Theo is one of the first few Asians to ever grace the stage of Defqon1. Known for energetic sets and his production, he pushes the boundaries of Electronic Music from Asia. He has released music with Q-dance NL, and also a sublabel of Scantraxx B.V. His music is supported by top names in Hardstyle, like Audiotricz, Zany, Frontliner, Isaac, The Prophet, YOJI and MC Villain.


Malaysia's leading DJ in Bass music, NAHSYK is a name that's starting to make rounds. Having come off successful tours with his partner in crime WUKONG, NAHSYK is a game-changer in the Dance Music Scene and will definitely be a Life Changer on It's The Ship.

8. Ace Ramos + MC PAO

Rocking the best in music from the Philippines, Ace Ramos and MC PAO are a hard-hitting duo that's going to rock your world on the first night of It's The Ship. Be sure to catch them at The Islands.

| Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Ace Ramos

| Instagram | Facebook | MC PAO



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