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Champion of 2018's Phuture DJ Battle, Luq Here is back at another attempt to clinch another national title. We sit with him to talk a bit before this Saturday's battle!


ADM: What do you look forward to now that Red Bull 3Style is in Singapore?

LH: I am excited to see the culture grow here in Singapore. Also, I am looking forward to seeing our National Champion represent our little island at the Red Bull 3Style world stage for the very first time.

ADM: Who's your inspiration in your DJing?

LH: It would not be fair for me to name any single DJ who has inspired me as it is definitely a long list of them. Since Red Bull 3Style is something I have been following since I first picked up DJing in 2012, I draw a lot of my inspirations from the various National Finalists, World Finalists & World Champions over the years.

ADM: What's your take on Turntablism in DJing today?

LH: Turntablism is evolving at a faster rate with the advance in technology. I feel that as much as some may hate on how others are using too much tech and would not consider that turntablism, we have to embrace and accept that this is where the future is heading towards. In my most humble opinion, even the overuse of cue points to “drum” or “juggle” is still a level up when compared to just mixing two tracks together. In addition, the younger generation are getting more educated on turntablism and more are able to not just understand it, but also appreciate it.

ADM: What was your favourite Red Bull 3Style Moment?

LH: I must say that Trentino’s “piano” segment from his 2013 US Red Bull 3Style Winning Routine will always have a special place in my heart for many reasons. For me, during the earlier years of Red Bull 3Style was kind of like the start of a new era in the DJ world and also since that was also about the same time when I just picked up DJing.

ADM: What can we look forward to seeing on the 23rd?

LH: I do not want to reveal so much at this point, but the live audiences can be sure to expect some pleasant surprises from me. :)


Be sure to catch all of the finalists this Saturday 23rd November at YANG in Singapore.


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