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Another Champion, this time 2017's Phuture DJ Battle Champion, Mad Jester is one of Singapore's most respected DJs. We sit with him to ask about his experience with Red Bull 3Style.


ADM: What do you look forward to now that Red Bull 3Style is in Singapore?

MJ: I look forward to seeing the DJ community grow in the creativity aspect that DJing is not just about mixing one track to another and start to see more DJs play with music.

ADM: Who's your inspiration in your DJing?

MJ: My local inspirations are DJ Rattle, Koflow & Ollie Des. International inspirations would be DJ Trentino & Four Color Zack

ADM: What's your take on Turntablism in DJing today?

MJ: I think turntablism has evolved over the years from just scratching on vinyl to now having DJs add music production, pad drumming, etc into their routines

ADM: What was your favourite Red Bull 3Style Moment?

MJ: Receiving the 3 cartons of Red Bull! Hahaha

ADM: What can we look forward to seeing on the 23rd?

MJ: I'll be looking to play all the different music genres that shaped me to become the DJ I am today and a little segment that I've been wanting to do since 4 years ago.


Be sure to catch all of the finalists this Saturday 23rd November at YANG in Singapore.


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