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One of Singapore's most promising DJs and the youngest championship turntablist to come out of the lion city, ANREV, is the first of our interviews with Singapore's Innaugural Red Bull 3Style DJ Competition.


ADM: What do you look forward to now that Red Bull 3Style is in Singapore?

AV: I look forward to the comeback of creative DJing in Singapore, where DJs will start to take risks again and expand our horizons instead of just playing whatever is trending on the charts.

ADM: Who's your inspiration to DJ?


  1. DJ Koflow my close friend and mentor.

  2. DJ from E-TracX DJ Skool

  3. DJ Ollie Des from SG

  4. DJ Shiftee from USA NYC

  5. DJ Craze from USA MIAMI

  6. DJ J Espinosa from USA SF

  7. DJ 4 Color Zack from USA DC

  8. DJ Shintaro from JPN Tokyo

  9. DJ D styles from USA LA

ADM: What's your take on Turntablism in DJing today?

AV: It used to be a necessity for Hip Hop DJs back in the day. For a period, it lost relevance in the past decade. But now DJs from all walks of life and genres are using turntablism to musically enhance their sets which is dope.

ADM: What was your favourite Redbull 3Style Moment?

AV: Loved the stage in Taipei last year and the atmosphere. I love it when 3style DJs have a strong closing like J espinosa classic songs to all I do is win section, 4 colour zack’s USA section that got the crowd crazy, Shintaro’s Mario section, Eskei’s Do it Again dubplate.

ADM: What can we look forward to seeing on the 23rd?

AV: Something fresh and unique!


Be sure to catch all of the finalists this Saturday 23rd November at YANG in Singapore.


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