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Another strong competitor from the Singapore scene, KRUMBS, finished as a finalist for 2018's Phuture DJ Battle. Definitely not a contestant to miss, we talk to KRUMBS about what we can look forward to this Saturday.


ADM: What do you look forward to now that Red Bull 3Style is in Singapore?

KRMS: The massive potential of awareness and excitement of DJing as a top sport in this country. We have so much talent in this country to showcase internally to our Singaporeans and externally to the world.

ADM: Who's your inspiration in your DJing?

KRMS: Craze, A-track, Four Color Zack, Shiftee, Melo-D, Dstyles, Puffy

ADM: What's your take on Turntablism in DJing today?

KRMS: It is the icing on the cake of your DJ presentation. If presented tastefully, it will separate your sets from the rest and give people something to remember from the experience. It makes you unique, since everyone is playing almost the same music in clubs these days.

ADM: What was your favourite Red Bull 3Style Moment?

KRMS: Not a specific moment, but in general all the creative instances where DJs showcase a special skill that makes you go "oh wow how did he pull that off" during the world finals.

ADM: What can we look forward to seeing on the 23rd?

KRMS: A few new tricks and a whole lot of Caribbean vibes - the signature Krumbstyle set :)


Be sure to catch all of the finalists this Saturday 23rd November at YANG in Singapore.


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