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SINGAPORE - Singapore announces it's first Red Bull 3Style Champion after an amazing showcase of talent, skill, and determination.

Coming in as our first champion we have DJ ANREV, a recent Goldie Awards World Finalist. This young DJ blew the crowd away with his exceptional technical skills and extensive vocabulary in music.

With many memorable moments in his set, ranging from his clean cuts to his wide-ranging song choice, ANREV pushed the envelope for what Turntablism is in Singapore that night.

Tied in second place are DJs LUQHERE and KRUMBS. Both with their own unique styles and amazing technicality, both finalists had moments in the night that drew the crowd into their flow.

LUQHERE brought the crowd in with his excellent understanding of local music playing songs from our childhood like Rasasayang and Chan Mali Chan.

KRUMBS brought in a performance likened to Freddy Mercury's 1985 Live Aid performance bringing the crowd together in an "Ay Yoh" moment before carrying his Pioneer DJ XP1 controller like a guitar and finishing strong with a full sample only minute going from "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog to "Maria Maria" by Santana ft. The Product G&B.

Finishing in third place was MAD JESTER. Despite technical issues arising from equipment failure in his set, the young DJ went above and beyond to solve his issues and showed his prowess and knowledge as a DJ in completing his set despite lacking 1 Turntable.

Bringing in iconic tracks amongst the Singapore crowd such as "毕竟深爱过“ in the form of tone play going into Inquisitive's "Mala Dynasty", MAD JESTER also played what has been deemed as Singapore's Dance Music Anthem, "Million Tears" by German band Groove Coverage.

The remaining two contestants, HANIF and MR. J, both had excellent sets that displayed their skill level, showing the high skill of turntablism in Singapore.

HANIF wow-ed the crowd by beat drumming blindfolded.

MR.J showed his exceptional skills in Tone Play with rigorous practice and constantly bringing us on a melodic ride going from one track and diving into another.

The whole night was an excellent success having a soldout night at Yang Club Singapore and ended with an excellent set by Red Bull 3Style World Champion 2019, J. Espinosa.


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