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Thailand's Techno Revolution

Recently in Bangkok there has been a small band of extremely talented Techno DJs starting a movement in the heart of what is known to be one of Asia's largest EDM strongholds.

With huge names like NAKADIA, Peggy Gou, DJ Optikz and many others taking Techno to new heights amongst the Asian Dance Community. The support for Techno and House in Asia has exploded with popularity with huge events such as Garden Beats, Wonderfruit and EPIZODE all having excellent line-ups and ticket sales.

Coming off his showcase with Pioneer DJ in Phú Quốc in January, DJ Optikz has started his own community of DJ's in Bangkok to help unify the lovers of Techno together and push the scene.

"With Techno Thailand - Underground Music, I hope to bring all the people who produce underground music together.

The goal is to encourage everyone to work together in unity and let go of all the unnecessary ego.

That way it'll be easier for all of us when we choose to work together and we can build a better future for all of us."

You can find Techno Thailand - Underground Music on Facebook.


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