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The Generation of Change: Maily

Coming from the Land Of Gold, Maily is not your everyday DJ. Having been a champion representing her country in the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle in 2014, Maily is at the forefront of music in Cambodia.

We sit down with her to talk about her journey and her future.


ADM: How did you find yourself in the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle in 2014?

MAI: I found myself in the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle in 2014, it was unexpected and I was unprepared, back in 2012 when I hadn't yet started my career as a DJ, I had gone through YouTube videos about music and then I found the video that show about Pioneer Digital DJ battle I thought it was very interesting and it looked fun! So I thought to myself well if I'm gonna become a DJ, first of all my dream is to join this battle one day. Then 2014 as I had been a full time DJ for a year already, I saw an announcement about Pioneer DJ battle. It was a rush to practice so put my submission of mixtape then join it as the only girl DJ candidate.

ADM: How did you being the Cambodian Champion change things for you?

MAI: As a champion, I am still the same person Maily :) But it definitely helped me acquired more gigs, fans, opportunities to work with various fashion brands as brand ambassadors. I am proud to represent my country with my music and DJing skills. Inspiring the younger generations who are aspired to be DJs, giving them inspiration, to pursue their dreams with perseverance and hard work.

ADM: How is the Dance Music scene like in Cambodia?

MAI: Well in Cambodia the EDM music scene has become a lot more popular in the past 2 years. They still love Top 40 hits, Universal, Asia hits and of course support their own local songs like rap and pop. I think now it's started to improve a lot compared to the last 4 or 5 years.

ADM: How did you get into signing with Jupiter Labs?

MAI: I was connected to Jupiter through their booking agent who were looking to supply other artists to Sound Club, Cambodia where I have my residency. While we were doing all the talking and hospitality agreements, Adam reached out to me to talk business, and the rest is history!

ADM: What's next for Maily?

MAI: I'm so heartbroken to lose Adam as my mentor, but I want to do him proud. Under Jupiter Labs, we will carry on his legacy via Adam Sky Artist Labs. The last time I saw Adam, we were in the TITAN Studios in Singapore working on some of my tracks. I can't wait to share them with everyone, they are very special to me!


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