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The Generation of Change: Zushan

From the epic battle in the Land of Smiles to the top club in Asia, Zushan has made his mark in the DJ scene in Singapore. Presently a resident DJ in Zouk Singapore, Zushan has played across Asia carrying the Singapore banner proudly.

In this interview we talk about his experiences in 2012 during the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle and how it had affected his career since.


ADM: Would you tell us about your journey on how you got yourself into the 2012 Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Asia Finals?

ZS: Around that time, I was really getting obsessed on figuring out how to fully utilise all of a CDJ's functions, thanks to watching Laidback Luke and James Zabiela constantly.

As I began as a Hip-Hop DJ and Turntablist, and originating from scratching, juggling and mixing on vinyl (both analog and digital), moving on to electronic music I had begun to be comfortable with preferably using CDJs on a weekly basis at my then residency at The Butter Factory.

Few months after I signed my first full-time residency, a good friend of mine encouraged me to join the battle. Initially I was reluctant, as the last time I joined a DJ battle (DMC 2007) I had messed up badly, and I was still affected by it. After much consideration, I came to a conclusion like "why not, this might be the last time I get to do this anyway?" In a way, this was a test to myself to see what I was capable of, and I'm so glad I did it.

ADM: Is there anything memorable about the competition that you remembered the most?

ZS: My dad flew up to Bangkok to watch me battle. That was the first time ever either parent of mine had seen me perform in front of an audience.

ADM: How would you say the battle affected you and your career?

ZS: It definitely made me a better DJ, not just technically, but musically it broadened the way I see and break down music. At the same time, I won't lie, being a local champion and regional top 3 of a battle does add a nice ring to my accolades.

ADM: Would you like Pioneer DJ to bring the battle back?

ZS: Hell yeah. Battle and competition aside, the experience allowed the contestants locally and regionally to bond, and forge a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Shout out to the 2012 champions!

ADM: Any words for young DJ's who'd like to follow in your steps?

ZS: 1. As I and many others have always said, practice!

2. Aim to be the best in the world, and not restrict yourself with what is only around you

3. Learn and understand the culture and the art, of yesterday today and tomorrow. It is true that humans and machines have to evolve together, but with a better understanding of the basics and the beginnings, coupled with the knowledge of the progressions of technology today, you will be unstoppable!


The Generation Of Change is a series that focuses on the finalists of the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle and how their lives were impacted by the competition that has led to them leading the change in grooming a new generation of DJ's

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