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Top 4 Tracks to Listen in April

Spotify has you covered for most of your mainstream music, but ADM's got you covered for the freshest and newest underground tunes! Here are 4 tracks to listen this April! Ear worm guaranteed!


1. Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams (Nuckin' Futs & Chris Amber Remix)

A solo release by Singapore based DJ/Producers Nuckin' Futs and Chris Amber, from what originally was a sad beat that has transformed into a melodic future bass/jersey track that caught us off guard!


2. Gyrofield - Whalesong

Another individual release by Hong Kong based producer Gyrofield, Whalesong is an uplifting and ambient electronica tune that got us grooving! Digging it!


3. Illenium - Crashing (JVNA Cover)

A remix completely rework from the ground up, Los Angeles based DJ/Producer JVNA definitely nailed this Illenium remix transforming it into a totally different future bass track full of power and emotions.


4. SAKA - Anima Sola

Released by Hong Kong based producer SAKA, Anima Sola is a experimental yet melodic bass track that gives us a dark and chaotic vibe just the way we like it!


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