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Traveler's Weekend Guide to Guam

Located in the middle of the Marianas, barely 50 kilometres in length with a population of 200,000 people, Guam is a hidden gem just a few hours flight away from Korea and Japan.

Much of it's tourists are usually families or newly weds from Korea and Japan looking for a short getaway in a place that's easy to reach and carries all the perks of a tropical paradise.

Known internationally for their hospitality and many urban legends of how spam crazy people on Guam get, Guam is a lot more than the tales that have been told.

With a bustling nightlife and multiple locations for it's various scenes, Guam has no shortage of bars and clubs to keep you entertained while you're there.

We sit with Ben Schiff of AltrXEgo Entertainment, more recently known for being The People's Captain on It's The Ship China 2019.

Ben Schiff, The People's Captain, Photo Credit: It's The Ship

"When people who come from off island party with the AltrXEgo Team they can expect to experience our culture, our music, and our way of life in a slightly better way.

I remember when I first came to Guam and I didn't know my way to get around and I didn't know the local spots or anything.

And when you travel to a new place without knowing the right people a lot of times you'd fall for a tourist trap. With us though, they can expect to save a bit of money, experience Guam in a more up to date and unconventional way of tourist vacationing and get to hang out with more locals."

With that said we asked him to tell us more about the best way to start your night.


The Guam Brewery Tap House

Located in the heart of Tumon is The Guam Brewery Tap House. An excellent place for pre-party drinks with a beautiful dinner menu. Start your night right with their beer flight featuring beautifully crafted beers from the region and to start you buzzing by 11pm where the party starts.

The Trifecta

Situated right next to The Guam Brewery Tap House, The Trifecta is a collection of 2 clubs, The W and Route 66, and 1 Irish bar, Molly's Irish Bar. Packed up every weekend with a combination of locals, military and tourists, The Trifecta is one of the more commercial clubs in Guam with killer DJs such as DJ Chris Berg and DJ Flor being staples to The Trifecta. Each room has it's own distinct sound and identity, Molly's being an Irish Bar for casual drinking and games, The W being an EDM room pushing ahead and making people jump and Route 66 as an Urban Hip-Hop Trap House making everyone bop.

Globe Nightclub

Just further down the street sharing it's beautiful exterior with The Sandcastle Magic show, is Globe Nightclub. The Globe Nightclub is the largest club on Guam boasting a beautiful dance floor with 2 floors of amazing VIP seating and a beautiful lounge for you to rest away if they night gets too crazy. With the amazing DJ Sylnt helming most nights at The Globe, it's an experience you'll not want to miss when heading out at night!

The Seagrill Bar

If a quiet night out is what you're looking for you should definitely checkout the Seagrill Bar which is part of the Under Water World experience. Alongside it's sister outlets The Rooftop Beer Garden and Splash Bar and Cafe, The Seagrill Bar is the perfect place for a good night out if you're not going too crazy for the weekend.



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